• Hot air sealing machine



1.Precise control by PLC and touch screen

2.Up and down rollers speed could be set in difference to avoid wrinkle tapping

3.Limited length of seam sealing tape function saves 15% tape consumption.

4.Data memory function to keep the same seam sealing performance

5.Auto compensation and reverse to avoid empty tapping

6.Double pedals control,more easy and comfortable

7.24h continuous work to have more output

8.Auto tape feeding and cutting to save more tape

9.Two exchangeable arms design,suitable for various sizes of waterproof products seam sealing.


SD-100 hot air sealing machine is widely used in waterproof garment seam sealing,especially for high quality jacket seam sealing,diving wear seam sealing,protective suite seam sealing,sportswear seam sealing etc.

Raincoat seam sealingoutdoor tent seam sealingseam sealed jacket seam sealing

Seam sealing performance:
PU seam sealing tape for raincoat performance   three layer hot melt tape sealing performance

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Hot air seam sealing...
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Hot air seam sealing...
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Hot air seam sealing...
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